Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013- good riddens

I wanted to do a year end review for 2013 on 12/31/13 BUT I was more excited about celebrating and saying good bye to that year. 2013 was tough. I lost two pets. (two best friends) I lost my brother in law, who left my nephews behind. My sister lost her soul mate. They just met, they were happy and then he got sick. My boyfriend was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. My oldest sister got into a bad wreck with my truck. She is a nurse and now she has a bad knee. I was just absolutely sick of 2013. 
This is when you count your blessings.
 Nothing in life is permanent.
We lost lives and then gained some.
I see my sisters and nephews EVERY. DAY.
We all live together.
I got a new puppy named Benny.
He makes me smile.
I was able to get my dream car.
A mini cooper.
I started new adventures in art.
I saw my boyfriend through two surgeries.
and as of now, he is cancer free.
We talk out loud to those who have passed on.
I realize we have to remain calm. Breathe. Accept was life throws our way. Be so grateful & thankful for what we do have. We can't worry about what we lose. Everything is temporary. Every situation is only temporary.
So I do welcome 2014, not because I know that it will be better, but I think I can just handle things better.


My NEW adventure. Hand painted water pipes. I have worked in the tobacco industry for almost 14 years. We started selling these awesome modular smoking pipes in our store. I think the idea is brilliant. Now they are helping artist expand and evolve.
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