Monday, May 3, 2010

My Greatest Inspiration

It all started in April 2009, I was searching for a creative outlet, trying to find myself and my soul. I wanted to design, I wanted to express myself BUT at the time I didn't know what direction I was headed in.
 The Universe guided me.
My favorite store has always been the craft store, just being there gives me so many ideas. I was always drawn to the rubber stamp isle, all the awesome 1" 2" 3" 4" little wooden blocks of beautiful art just waiting to be stamped.
So on this special day in April I was searching the internet for rubber stamp companies that accepted freelance artist. I simply pulled up and A-Z list clicked on the U and found Unity Stamp Company.  I submitted an email and a JPEG attachment of my art style, all including happy faces ( I am addicted to happy faces :) I cannot draw a circle without dotting two eyes and adding a smile) anyway my style wasn't exactly the style that Unity produces, BUT the beautiful, inspiring Angela gave me a chance, she said she saw something in my art, and she asked me to submit again. She took me in. She guided me, helped me when I was rusty.
This has been my greatest achievement. I feel I have sisters even though we are miles away, we have never met, but she has connected me to the most creative souls, and the most inspiring women. I get to see these amazing women turn my art into their art. The stamp is a small part of what it actually becomes.

I always heard life was about findingyour tribe, finding the people that inspire you the most, and that bring out the best in you.
I feel I have a tribe at Unity Stamp Co.

Check them out:

These cards are oh' so adorable :)

Unity Stamp Company